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basement waterproofing

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring Epoxy flooring is a rare floor material that has regularly refined in famous. Already a concrete floor has been modified prepare smooth and a concreted chemical are combined. The chemical response will change the combination into a compact plastic floor over a few days. Application of Epoxy flooring: Epoxy floor layers are usually used for commercial and manufacturing flooring. Epoxy layers are in general [...]

Over head-under ground water tank waterproofing unicorn chemical has signed up 380+ trusted over head water tank wateproofing in the last 23 years of operating in pakistan. Seepage or leakage of water is a problem in several new and old buildings. Concrete is less flexible and cracks over time. Repairing an existing water-tank is a [...]

basement waterproofing

termite control in lahore

termite control in lahore Premise Ceptiva Dust Termatrac Detection Radar Sentricon Others may include: bait system, termiticide application, moisture reduction, fumigation, and orange oil treat There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” – Proverb What that proverb means is that there is more than one way to approach a challenge or situation. You [...]

basement waterproofing

waterproofing chemical

waterproofing chemical SEALER COATING Acrylic Base Waterproofing Chemical (Acrylic Based Waterproofing Paint) which is known as elastomeric coating , flexible single pack waterproofing membrane made out of 100% pure acrylic polymers under the technical collaboration of M/s Insulating Paints pakistan . It is used to fill Hair line cracks on walls and terrace. It provides a [...]

basement waterproofing

Epoxy Flooring in Pakistan

Epoxy Flooring in Pakistan We are approving manufacturers and suppliers of a qualitative collection of product of Epoxy flooring in Pakistan.Our products following international market and local market trend and using top available waterproofing technologies. These are extensively used by customers to provide attractive. Epoxy flooring is a very single floor measurable that has inch [...]

basement waterproofing


MEMBRANE SHEET Unicorn Chemical (pvt) Ltd  some of the strongest, toughest modified bitumen membranes available in the roofing industry. By developing unique combinations of polymers, such as SBS, SIS, and SEBS, we have continuously extended the service life of our modified bitumen systems. The use of superior polymers along with high-strength reinforcements ensures customers receive [...]

Water leakage and seepage solution , treatment & repair Dampness of walls and water seepage are common problems faced by homeowners. This happens due to poor quality construction and lack of  waterproofing measures during construction of the home. It can cause dampness of the walls, efflorescence (puffy white deposits on walls) and peeling of paint [...]


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